Buying a Home in the Singapore Mainland

There are a lot of islands in Singapore where you will absolutely love to reside in. However, most people still prefer to reside on the mainland primarily because it is near to the city or their workplace. It is very important to note that before you buy a house in Singapore, you should know which type of house you want; a flat, a townhouse, or an estate house.

How to Buy a House in Singapore Main Island

Buying a Home in the Singapore Mainland
  • Before buying a house, you should be able to know whether you are eligible to buy a house in Singapore; Singapore citizen, at least 21 years old, and employment are just some of the qualifications in buying a home there. Additional criteria may apply depending on the type of property you will buy and your family background as well. Remember that when buying a house, you need to be able to be capable of paying the purchase.
  • Look for available houses of your choice over the internet, newspapers, or in advertisements. Some real estate companies have their own websites that showcase their available houses; more often than not, they also have ads in the newspaper and other media.
  • As soon as you have chosen a property you wish to buy, inquire about the requirements of its purchase from an agent, the company, or the owner.
  • Schedule an appointment to take a look around the house. It is very important that you see the house firsthand before deciding to buy it.
  • Gather all the requirements needed and submit those requirements to the company or the agent.
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions regarding the purchase of the property. If you agree with the terms, sign the agreement.
  • Settle your accounts relating to the purchase of the property. Most real estate companies settle for full payment; however, there are also some of them who allows installment basis.