For all your Needs and Luxury: Kingsford Waterbay at Serangoon

Kingsford Waterbay Serangoon is the new headline for people who are looking for the luxurious and peaceful place to stay. No one desires to live in place where there is constant noise and pollution around and understanding this kingsford developer came up with the idea of Kingsford Waterbay development in District 19, Serangoon. Kingsford development Pvt. Ltd., the company developing the project which is reputed for its construction ventures. The total apartment capacity of Waterbay is 1165 and hence the bay is being constructed on quite bigger area.

for all your needs and luxury kingsford waterbay at serangoon

Well, the whole town is after the lovely apartments, and under construction waterbay project but what makes this bay different and distinct from other bays in vicinity? Here is the quality list of the Waterbay apartments:

  1. Immaculate location:
    Surroundings have greater impact on humans and if you are person with family definitely a peaceful and clean place is first and foremost priority and looking at this the location of Kingsford Waterbay is perfect. The city is not so far , with the short traveling journey everything of need and luxury is available and the place is serene and hence giving you an experience of peaceful co – habitation.
  2. Lavishness and needs together:
    Home is your need but luxury is also a need and understanding the need of luxury these apartments are being constructed. Everything to give you an experience of lavish and pristine life is well embedded in the apartments. So, now you do not need to search for your needs.
  3. For couples to family:
    The apartments vary from needs and hence apartments with single bedroom facility to 5 bedroom facility are available and that too with all furniture and pre installed essentials.

Do not wait and grab the best apartment at Kingsford Waterbay Serangoon!!