Where Should You Buy Houses in Private Islands

Owning a little piece in a private paradise is never a problem to well-heeled people. It may sound impractical, but there are a lot of people who are willing to spend a few bucks to have that place they can retreat to if life is getting to rough on them. And, lo and behold, they always prefer the property to be cozied up in a nice private island where stress is strictly prohibited to enter. Who wouldn’t want a villa in a picturesque island, right?

Now, before withdrawing your treasures in the bank and buying in the private islands with houses for sale, always take into consideration the price of the house. Can you afford it? Will you have extra money if you will buy it or will your savings and emergency fund be depleted? Always consider your resources first.

Second, always see to it that the island has a reliable water supply. Since water is a very necessary element in an island, make sure that you have lots of it. Because, yes, you may have the beautiful beach, but what will you do there if you will die with thirst and hunger?

Third, consider the climate of the island that you are going to buy the house. Take note that there are three types of island climates: Mediterranean where there are high temperatures but low rainfall (Bermuda, Canary, Bahamas islands), Tropical where islands are found between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and lastly, Temperate islands where it is cold and is usually located in Canada, Northern USA and Northern Europe.

Where Should You Buy Houses in Private Islands

Always bear in mind that buying a house in a private island is not a race. Take time to inspect and research as well as consider the type of island you want to go when you are stressed out.

What are the Best Material Choices in Building Homes on Islands?

There are different things that home builders should consider in choosing their materials for their island homes. They should consider the appearance and function, performance and quality, building material choices, efficient delivery methods, best price and value, and the meaningful warranty in selecting the materials.

Appearance and Function

The appearance and function of the island homes should give you a unique living space that has the different features that you feel and want. You may want to have a vaulted ceiling with exposed timbers and the windows should also give you enough natural light, and there should have ambience of natural wood inside and outside the house.

Performance and Quality

You may choose to use straight dry framing lumber which makes the building of the house faster, reduces the waste, and saves on the finishing cost. Higher quality of windows and doors can help in saving on the cost of energy, it operates more smoothly, requires less maintenance, and gives better protection against the water infiltration.

Building Material Choices

There are different materials needed in making your house secure in waterproof. The house needs to have framing lumber, sheathing, floor system, roof system, windows and doors, and siding and roof materials. There are other material options which are solid timbers that are often used in structural beams and posts, engineered silent floors which use engineered wood joists which are strong, stable and quiet that can also resist shrinking, splitting, and twisting. The best natural alternative for handrails and decking’s are tight knot dried cedar. The cedar pickets are usually used for the railings. There are also some cedar and spruce-pine used in interior paneling and floor boards. Other materials used in island hones should also be able to withstand the different weather and climate changes. In building homes the materials should also be flexible.

Efficient Delivery Methods

In building homes you need to have the materials delivered to you when you need it. Multiple deliveries are usually needed during the building process. Finding an efficient delivery method is crucial especially if the building site is in remote areas.

What are the Best Material Choices in Building Homes on Islands?

Best Price and Value

What are the Best Material Choices in Building Homes on Islands?

It is also important to find materials which are safe, secure, and waterproof. Especially if the house is near the water and these materials should withstand different climate changes and weather. These should also cost wise which are not too expensive and are also quality products.

The Must Visit Luxury Islands of the World

Every person deserves a good break, away from the hustles and bustles of the city or the corporate world or from taking care of the household. It may sound a bit far-fetched but anyone can have a good break by visiting one of the luxury islands in the world. It may sound so impossible especially if you are just earning enough from your job, but saving is the key to attaining this luxurious vacation that you very well deserve.

The Must Visit Luxury Islands of the World

Now, if you are still interested and would want to have this vacation as a part of your bucket list, then you need to be informed on the top must visit luxury islands in the world.

Cousine Island

Cousine Island is located in Seychelles which boasts a luxury real estate that consists of part luxury resort and part nature reserve. Because of its lush greens and different kinds birds and turtles, this small island is considered to be the modern day Garden of Eden. Cousine can only be reached by a helicopter due to its remoteness. However, you can enjoy all the luxuries that the world has to offer in the five-star Cousine Island Spa and Resort.

Necker Island

Necker can be found in the British Virgin Islands and is considered as the second home of Virgin’s owner, Richard Branson. In the 74 acre island, one can enjoy a first class vacation by having the following: 10 bedroom Balinese-style villa, 2 private beaches, tennis courts, personal chef, swimming pools and water sports. It has been heard that the likes of the late Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey have rented the $47,000 a day luxury island real estate.

The Must Visit Luxury Islands of the World

Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island is the perfect getaway spot for couples. The 2.8 mile island that can be found in the eastern part of Zanzibar boasts of villas that can only be found in honeymoon brochures. It has 10 lodges with verandas that are overlooking the pristine white beach. The Mnemba Island can offer you calm blue waters, very picturesque sunsets and beautiful aquatic creatures such as: giant turtles, ghost crabs and tropical fishes. When you are in the island, you can always do snorkeling and enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs, deep-sea fishing, and wind surfing or kayaking.

These are just three of the many luxurious islands in the world that you can enjoy even just for a single time of your life. So, don’t waste your time doing cheap vacations. Instead, save it all up and enjoy a once in a lifetime vacation with luxury!

The Common Island Property Designs

There are different designs of island properties especially the houses. These can either be traditional, modern, or other designs. However, these houses have common features and designs in most houses found on islands. These island properties usually have a raised floor or slabs. This is to protect their houses from the sudden increase in height of high tides. Some houses have two floors whole some have one.

Some houses also have garages and a covered lanai. Some houses also have a pool for those who are a bit farther from the water beds. The common areas which are found in the island houses include a great room which also serves as a living room and family room, a foyer for larger houses, a master suite with a master bathroom, two or more bedrooms depending on the area of the house, a kitchen, dining, utility, veranda, common bathroom, and a garage. Some houses have verandas and a large walkway or driveway.

The Common Island Property Designs

The internal design of the house varies depending on the design concept of the architect or the home owner. Most island homes have a waterproof design and they commonly have windows where home owners and their guests can see the view of the island or the sea. The home owners have a choice to alter the design of their houses; however they need to make sure that the house can withstand the different climate and weather changes along with the increase of the waters tide.

These houses commonly have brick walls, a lanai, and a covered porch for their convenience. These houses also have roofs out of nipa grass, especially for those houses with warmer climates and those who barely have any storms on their country or area. The most common design you will notice in island properties or homes are their raised flooring to prevent any water from entering their houses or properties in cases of high tide.

Different Island Property Services

There are different services given by the different island property consultants. These different services include the following:


The valuation for island properties are for all types of properties with different purposes like Sale, Taxation, Finance, Internal Management, Insurance, Compulsory Land Acquisition, Probate, Merger or Take-Over, Submission to Securities Commission and Prospectus Requirements including appearance as an expert witness in judicial proceedings.

Different Island Property Services

Real Estate Agency or Marketing

Different Island Property Services

This service involves the sale, buying, and letting of all types of real estates which are ranging from vacant lands and different houses to high-rise buildings. This service also covers the advice on implementation of marketing strategies for different commercial, industrial, retail, and office spaces.

Property Management

This service helps in maintaining the investment value of the property, the property’s professional and effective maintenance including the facilities and the plant and machinery. It also helps in the effective performance of the custodial responsibilities by giving full professional attention to the smallest details. They also help in giving constant professional attention and advice throughout the life cycle of the asset. They also help in creating a pleasant and safe physical environment for the building users and helps in protecting the building owners from any potential lawsuits and legal charges that may arise from any kind of negligent acts or any legislation infringement.

They also help in achieving the largest cash flow and financial returns from the owner’s investment through the financial control and effective marketing. This service also helps in implementing and identifying new strategies to meet the market demands which are rapidly changing. This service also gives continuous human resource training and service improvement, professional tenancy management like negotiations with the tenancy renewals and in attending to the complaints and doing things right to help in contributing towards the cost saving during the first time.

Different Island Property Services

Property Development

This service is often offered to advice the process of the property’s development with an emphasis on the different environmental concerns. This also involves evaluation of the portfolio of an existing property. This also involves the applications to the state and other relevant authorities for the land’s alienation and other approvals.

Investment Studies

This service helps the land owners in their decisions with the project’s development that he or she has in kind. This service is often involves preparation of comprehensive reports for the proposed development, detail cash flow projection, advice on finance, projected profit, and loss statement.

On Buying a House in Singapore: Find the Right Broker

There are a lot of real estate brokers in Singapore; however, it is very essential to find a good one to ensure that they will work at your best interest. It is very important that the broker that you will be hiring should be someone that you trust and someone who is credible and professional.

On Buying a House in Singapore: Find the Right Broker

How to Find the Right Real Estate Broker in Singapore

  • Know what you want and what you need from a broker. It is very important to note that a stock broker and a real estate broker not similar; hence, look for a real estate broker to help you purchase a house.
  • When looking for a real estate broker, start by asking your family or friends if they have someone to refer you to. These people are the best sources of information about brokers since they will give you an honest opinion about them.
  • You can also look for real estate brokers over the web or on several ads. Most brokers nowadays advertise their services to gain more customers.
  • List at least 3 real estate brokers and research about them. Make sure that they are credible enough to handle your concerns. In addition, make sure that they are licensed professionals. Choose which you think is best among the three.
  • Contact the real estate broker of your choice. Set up a schedule for consultation and discuss about their services and what you expect from them. Do not hesitate to ask questions. It is also very important that you ask for a proof of their licensed and certification in order for you to be assured that your transaction is legal.
  • If you haven’t chosen a property yet, real estate brokers can actually give you a list of available houses that you might want. They may give you brochures so you will have a general idea about the property and the promos that are related to the property.
On Buying a House in Singapore: Find the Right Broker

Different Rental Island Villas

There are different rental island villas that are usually found in different countries. These are often used for vacations and in having your own place in the sun. There are exotic villas and vacation rentals that have different amenities that are available for different people. These amenities differ depending on the choice of their customers. They have the choice to either have a butler, be on the beach, an infinity pool, or whatever they wish.

There are different rental island villas which are Caribbean Villas, Mexican Villas, Hawaiian Villas, US Villas, European Villas, French Villas, Greek Villas, Italian Villas, and more. The Caribbean Villas are often found in Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Barts, St. Croix, St. John, St. Lucia, St. Martin, St. Thomas, The Grenadines, Tortola, Turks and Caicos, and Virgin Gorda.

The Mexican Villas are often found in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, and Riviera Maya. The Hawaiian Villas are often found in Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and The Big Island. The US Villas are also found in California, Colorado, and Utah. The European Villas are also found in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, and Spain. The French Villas are often found in Cote D’Azur, Dordogne, Languedoc, Lorie Valley, Normandy, Paris, Provence, South West, and other parts of France.

Different Rental Island Villas

There are also some Greek Villas which are also found in Mykonos, Santorini and other parts of Greece. The Italian Villas are also found in Amalfi Coast, Lazio, Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily, The Lakes, Tuscany, Umbria, and other parts of Italy. There are also some rental island villas found in Belize, Costa Rica, Necker Island, Thailand, Villas in Resorts, other Private Islands, and Places Beyond which are from Tahiti to Necker Island.

These different rental island villas are available to those who want to have an affordable and private vacation. And for those who want to treat themselves with an exotic or luxurious vacation they will never forget.

What are the Requirements of Island Property Consultants?

Island property consultants offer different services like the valuation, estate agency and marketing, property management, property development, and investment studies of a property. An island property consultant’s job makes sure that the building’s operation is after the policies, ways, and standing orders which are often issued by the senior or area manager. They also manage and supervise the staff and the administrative operations effectively. The makes sure and oversee that the scope of the work are properly complying with the service providers, suppliers, and contractors.

What are the Requirements of Island Property Consultants?

These island property consultants also carry out the monitoring and evaluation service inspection and makes recommendations for improvement. They also handle the complaints from the owners and residents and handle all questions tactfully and professionally. In answering their questions, they should also answer them correctly and efficiently.

In becoming an island property consultant they must have a diploma, graduate diploma, bachelor’s degree, post-graduate diploma, or a professional degree in Engineering (Mechanical or Electrical/Electronic), Business Studies or Management or Administration, Property Development or Real Estate Management, Urban Studies or Town Planning, or any equal. Preferred skills of these island property consultants include UBS, IFCA, and Microsolve.

What are the Requirements of Island Property Consultants?

The needed languages for those applying for a job as an island property consultant in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor are Bahasa Malaysia and English. The preferred language is Tamil and Chinese. They also need at least 2 years of working experience in the related fields for the job. The job role in property management or management, the preferred managers need to specialize in property or real estate or any equal. These are some of the requirements for a job as an island property consultant in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. These island property consultants offer their services to those who need them and those who need their skills and knowledge in the field.

Things to Consider When Availing Island Property Management

You have recently purchased a property in a nice island. Judging that you are in the city most of the time and tied up with work or the family, the property you have just bought would stay unoccupied for quite a time until your next visit. In this case, you are now considering having the property rented while you are out. Below are the things to consider when you are availing an island property manager.

Things to Consider When Availing Island Property Management


If you are just living near the island, then hiring a property manager is not really necessary for you. This is because you can always just pay a visit to the island and manage it on your own. You should only hire an island property manager if your island is too far from the place that you reside in. Because it would be harder for you to respond immediately to emergencies and complaints, maintain the place and also look for tenants if you live very far.


If you are new to investing and this is your first property, it is best that you hire a manager to handle things for you. As your first investment, you should always be careful that all aspects in your island: maintenance, rate of rent, frequency of renters, laws to abide, etc. With a manager, everything will be hassle-free. However, make sure to learn from the experience of hiring a manager so that if you decide to do a second investment, you can always manage it on your own or eventually manage your first investment on your own in the future to save more money.

Things to Consider When Availing Island Property Management


Things to Consider When Availing Island Property Management

We always know that time is gold and maintaining a vacant vacation site will most often than not, eat up your time. That is why if you are a very busy person with a full time job, it is best that you entrust the management of your property to someone who is good at it. However, if you are free and has nothing too much on your plate, forget hiring a manager and save the manager’s fee and do the management on your own.

Hiring a property manager is really not that necessary especially if you have the time and means to do it on your own. Just make sure that you have the skill and patience to manage the property as this is not a quick scheme investment as one has to give the property the attention and work it deserves; especially if you are intending to make money out of it.